Initial Consult
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Fifty Dollar ($50.00) Consults

At   McCary   &   McCary,   P.C.,   we   believe   that   every   potential   Client   should   have   a stake   in   his   or   her   case.         Our   initial   consultations   for   any   new   project   or   potential new    customer    are    a    reasonable    $50.00    for    up    to    one    hour    of    advisement.          During   that   time   we   will   evaluate   your   case,   discuss   whether   or   not   it   is   one   we can   appropriately   handle,   evaluate   the   pros   and   cons   of   various   legal   options, and   provide   you   with   general   advisement   on   what   next   steps   to   take.      Should   we not   be   able   to   handle   your   matter,   you   will   still   come   away   better   informed   then when   you   arrived.      Regardless   of   where   your   consultation   takes   you,   we   will make every effort to point you in the right direction for appropriate counsel. 


Coffee, naturally any Law Firm’s drink of choice...  Should   you   visit   us   in   the   morning,   the   drink   of   choice   among   our   staff   is,   of course,   a   good   ‘ole   Cup   of   Joe.     At   any   initial   consultation,   we’re   happy   to   share some   of   our   morning   brew.      Upholding   the   traditions   of   law   firms   worldwide,   we find   that   the   heralded   coffee   bean   and   its   aroma   helps   cut   through   legal   jargon. With   or   without   the   bean,   we   look   forward   to   keeping   things   simple   as   we   take care   to   handle   every   matter   with   care,   whether   big   or   small.      Our   brew   is   made the old fashioned way, with a plain old Mr. Coffee, no fancy high end Keurig here.


Drink Coca-Cola...

We’re   proud   to   say   that   Coca   Cola   is   served   at   McCary   &   McCary,   P.C.      This soda   is   a   most   popular   drink   of   choice,   especially   among   our   younger   visitors. We   try   to   keep   ice   cold   bottles   of   old   style   cola   in   stock   when   we   can.      It’s   hit   or miss   really.         But,   we’ve   been   told   they   are   mixed   across   the   border   with   real pure   cane   sugar   to   give   that   ‘ole   style   flavor.      Everyone   seems   to   enjoy   a refreshing   bottle   of   Coke.      Naturally   a   positive   bent   to   any   consultation,   no   matter how negative the issue.   Thanks Coca Cola.


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