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State Education We   are   pleased   to   say   that   our staff   is   credentialed   with   a   state education.        Our    lawyers    and para-legal   earned   their   stripes at    the    University    of    Texas    at Austin     School     of     Law     and paralegal certification program.   
International Experience We’ve           broadened           our perspective      in      life      through exchange          programs          in Harlaxton          England,          the University   of   the   Federal Armed Forces   in   Hamburg,   Germany, and       through       the       Bosch Fellowship in Berlin, Germany.  
Veteran Owned It   is   our   privilege   to   be   both   a   family owned    law    practice    and    one    that shares       woman       and       veteran ownership.         We   welcome   Clients from   all   walks   of   life.      Our   Veteran’s active   duty   and   reserve   experience also     helps     our     firm     be     better prepared      to      handle      Veteran’s affairs.

History of our Firm

The   McCarys   established   their   Firm   in   2006   to   better   serve not   only   their   own   family   but   also   the   legal   needs   of   the local    community.        Nestled    in    the    heart    of    Marble    Falls, Texas,   we   opened   our   doors   after   having   served   the   legal community   in   separate   capacity   in   larger   big   city   settings. Now   at   our   10   year   anniversary,   we   are   able   to   draw   on military,   government,   and   private   sector   experience   to   help tackle   most   issues   faced   by   our   prospective   customers. One   of   our   partners   carries   a   Virginia   license   while   another is fluent in German. Civic Involvement The    McCarys    are    active    in    the    local    community    having served    as    board    members    or    representatives    in    various capacities     for     non-profits,     including     the     Family     Crisis Center,     Chamber     of     Commerce,     Parks     Commission, Commemorative      Air      Force      Squadron,      and      Rotary International.
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